Under the KC-10 Training System (TS) contract awarded to Pinnacle in 2015, the U.S. Air Force recently issued two additional Engineering Change Proposals that support the Air Force’s continued transition from the KC-10 to the KC-46.  The first supports the decommission (i.e. dismantle, pack,, relocation, and storage) of the KC-10 Weapon System Trainer (WST) and Boom Operator Trainer (BOT) on Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst, NJ (JBMDL).  The second supports the recommission (i.e. installation, testing, and engineering services) of those previously decommissioned devices in their new locations as part of new site activation.

The KC-10 WST (in the photo) has been moved to an off base facility in New Jersey, while the BOT will be moved to another building located on the JBMDL base later this year. Pinnacle is subcontracting to Quadrant Simulation Systems, Inc. for the packing and relocation of these devices, while all the recommission activities are being performed by Pinnacle’s KC-10 simulator team in conjunction with the KC-10 Training System Support Center (TSSC) in Fairfield, CA.

Student throughput at JBMDL will remain at full schedule capacity and not have to be reduced to account for the two devices being temporarily unavailable.  The remaining devices at our KC-10 TS JBMDL training facility – Weapon Systems Trainer, Flight Training Devices (FTD), and Boom Operator Trainer – are still running at 99% capacity on any given day, satisfying the U.S. Air Force training requirements.

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